Abstract list - Conference PETrA Prague 2011


A total of 94 abstracts from 26 countries has been received:
Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Vietnam, United Kingdom, USA.

  1. Dioxin Emission as Main Hazard in Case of Waste Burning at Dumps
    Aleksandryan A.V. - Arménia

  2. Odour compounds Emissions from Czech industry and Agriculture – The project in 2006-2009
    Auterská Petra - Czech Republic

  3. Metodology of emission meassurement odour compounds at WWTP and evauluation
    Auterská Petra - Czech Republic

  4. Surface CO2, CH4 and 222Rn concentrations and emissions over Russia from observations in TROICA experiments
    Berezina E.V. - Russia

  5. LES Modelling of Radioactive Air Pollution in the Urban Environment
    Vladimír Fuka, Josef Brechler, Jan Bednář - Czech Republic

  6. Measurement of volatile organic compounds in new car cabin by use of thermal desorption method.
    Brodzik Krzysztof - Poland

  7. Tvorba skleníkových plynů při skládkování biodegradabilních komunálních odpadů
    Buryan Petr - Czech Republic

  8. Novel air filters with antibacterial activity
    Gabriele Candiani, Barbara Del Curto, Alberto Cigada - Italy

  9. Forest and forestry activities in the National Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals in the Czech Republic
    Emil Cienciala,Jan Apltauer - Czech Republic

  10. Ambient Air Quality in the Czech Republic
    Markéta Coňková, Jana Ostatnická - Czech Republic

  11. Forecast verification for multicategory discrete predictands related to the Common Air Quality Index
    Linton Corbet, Ondřej Vlček - Czech Republic

  12. Real time sampling of particulate matter smaller than 2.5 µm emitted by burning biomass from the Amazon forest
    Maria Angélica Martins Costa, João Andrade Carvalho Jr, Edson Anselmo, Turíbio G. Soares Neto, Bruno Araújo Lima, Leonardo T.U.Kura, José Carlos Santos, Rezende, R.V. - Brazil

  13. Alum S.A Tulcea and the environmental management of the risk
    Lidia Cristea, Enona Cristea - Romania

  14. Characterization of particulate matter in fractions PM1, PM2.5 – case study in Craeybeckx traffic tunnel, Antwerp, Belgium
    Anna Worobiec, Larysa Darchuk, Barbara Krupinska, Giuliana Gatto Rotondo, Heidi De Laet, Wilfried De Backer, René Van Grieken - Belgium

  15. A study of tea residue as adsorbent on removal Cu(II) using fixed mode
    Nader Dizadji, Neda Abootalebi Anaraki, Afsoon Afsari - Iran

  16. Validation of dispersion model of Rtarc-dss based on "kit" field experiments
    Juraj Ďúran - Slovakia

  17. Monitoring The Immission of Particulatematter Along The Roads
    Daniela Durcanska - Slovakia

  18. Carbon dioxide Sequestration by Absorption in an Amine column
    Arash Esmaeili, Omid Ghabouli 2, Iman Boostani / Iran

  19. Capture of Carbon dioxide from industries flue gas and its Storage
    Arash Esmaeili, Iman Boostani - Iran

  20. Validation of a method for determining of VOCs in air samples from new car cabin and car equipment using gas chromatography mass detector/flame ionisation/thermal desorption system
    Joanna Faber - Poland

  21. National Inventory System for Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals in the Czech Republic: Status and Prospects
    Pavel Fott, Dušan Vácha - Czech Republic

  22. Study of the pollutants dispersion emitted by road traffic in the city of Salamanca
    Marta Gómez, Dolores Hidalgo, Emilia Sastre, Rubén Irusta - Spain

  23. The balance of greenhouse gases in the production of biodiesel
    Karel Hendrych - Czech Republic

  24. Impact-based Odor Control Technology for Rural Citizens in Agricultural Communities
    Steven Hoff, Lun Tong, Jacek Koziel, Lingshuang Cai - USA

  25. Akctive biofilter
    Václav Holuša - Czech Republic

  26. Is One Village Able to Produce as Many Dioxins as a Big Waste Incineration Plant?
    Jiří Horák - Czech Republic

  27. Air quality mapping over Czech Republic and Europe
    Jan Horálek, Markéta Coňková - Czech Republic

  28. Development of an online system for direct measurement of odorants based on quantum cascade laser technology
    Chuen-Yu Chan, Lei-Lei Fei, Pierre Wu, John Tsun, Tan Li - China

  29. Pilot project „Electromobility“
    Tomáš Chmelík - Czech Republic

  30. Appliances creating water mist enriched with odour eliminating agents
    Aleš Chytil - Czech Republic

  31. The Air Quality Effect of the Industrial Sources Emission Reduction in the Moravian-Silesian Region
    Petr Jančík, Marek Bruštík, Irena Pavlíková, Jan Bitta, Zdeněk Sklenář - Czech Republic

  32. Nástroje pro podporu udržitelné doprav z pohledu kvality ovzduší
    Jiří Jedlička, Ivo Dostál, Libor Špička - Czech Republic

  33. Sustainable energy in Puebla State, Mexico
    A. Juárez, M. A. Herrera, E. Juárez, D. Reyes, M.C. Martínez - Mexico

  34. Physical modelling of pollution dispersion in complex terrain situation
    Klára Jurčáková - Czech Republic

  35. Transport of the air cleaning process loop CO2 to water as absorbent in pilot-plant scrubber conditions
    Josef Kalivoda, Tomáš Svěrák - Czech Republic

  36. Dispersion Modelling and Generic Algorithm Application for Emissions Abatement Measures Ooptimalization
    Josef Keder - Czech Republic

  37. FTIR spectroscopy as a proved alternative standard method in stack testing
    Károly Kertész - Hungaria

  38. Universal Selectively Sensitive Photodetectors for environment monitoring
    David Khudaverdyan - Arménia

  39. airpointer® - A Novel System for Monitoring Air Quality
    Traugott Kilgus, Stephan Pannek - Austria

  40. Ozone concentration simulations considering light intensity of BVOC emissions
    Akira Kondo, Sho Hashimoto, Hikari Shimadera, Yoshio Inoue - Japan

  41. Simultaneous chemical and sensory analysis of odor
    Jacek Koziel, Lingshuang Cai and Steven Hoff - USA

  42. Cryogenic technology of volatile organic compounds emissions decreasing and recovery - development and current application
    Antonín Kroupa, Friedhelm Herzog - Czech Republic

  43. Seasonal comparison of the outdoor and indoor air quality in the Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow, Poland
    Barbara Krupińska, Anna Worobiec, Velibor Novaković, Larysa Darchuk, Lucyna Samek, Ewa Wiłkojć and René Van Grieken - Belgium

  44. Image analysis of corrosion coupons exposed to low-agresive environment.
    Ivan Kudláček, Pavel Žák, Peter Korbel - Czech Republic

  45. Emission reduction from disintegrated wood drying in agglomerated wood based panels industry
    Juraj Ladomersky, Petr Vosahlo - Czech Republic

  46. Qualitative analysis of unusual procedures of carbon sequestration
    Juraj Ladomerský, Hroncová - Slovakia

  47. Odor fromPig Production: Its relation to diet.
    Le Dinh Phung - Vietnam

  48. Innovative but proven Odour Control by Cold Plasma
    Pieter Leenders - Netherlands

  49. Treatment of foul gas by a wet photocatalytic scrubbing process for odour control
    Ling Ding, Tong-xu Liu, Xiang-zhong Li - China

  50. Spunlaces Filtermedia-A proven technology that offers superior performance
    Vincent Lorentz - Germany

  51. Ultrafine particles in the ambient urban air – special measurement in the air quality monitoring network of Saxony
    Gunter Löschau - Germany

  52. Vyhodnocení činnosti smogových varovných a regulačních systémů po změně legislativy
    Jan Macoun - Czech Republic

  53. Využitie modelov znečistenia ovzdušia pro riešení problémov z automobilovej dopravy
    Jozef Mačala, Viliam Carach - Slovakia

  54. Air pollution in Ostrava - comparison of the data measured in 1997 and 2010
    Kateřina Malachová, Hana Sezimová, Zuzana Rybková, Ivana Truxová, Blanka Krejčí, Vladimíra Volná - Czech Republic

  55. Trends in wet and dry atmospheric deposition of sulphur, nitrogen and hydrogen ions in the Czech Republic
    Jana Maznová, Iva Hůnová - Czech Republic

  56. Method of calculation and climatologic analysis of atmospheric characteristic determining the transfer and dispersion of impurities
    Aaed Mhanna - Russia

  57. Carbon Dioxide and Ammonia production in Chicken Broiler housing
    Štefan Mihina, Monika Knížatová, Jan Brouček - Slovakia

  58. Estimating hydrogen sulfide emission rates by combining experimental immission measurements and dispersion models at various wastewater treatment plants in the Valencian Community (Spain)
    Héctor Espinós-Morató, Enrique Mantilla Iglesias, Fernando Llavador Colomer - Spain

  59. Temperature influence on odour and ammonia emissions from pig and cow manure
    Sven Nimmermark, Ngwa Martin Ngwabie, Knut-Håkan Jeppsson - Sweden

  60. The Directive about industrial emissions and protection air
    Ladislav Novák, Ladislav Špaček - Czech Republic

  61. Olfactory impact assessment of the selected tannery using telephone survey, dynamic olfactometry and indicator model
    Izabela Sówka, Alicja Nych, Maria Janiec, Paweł Zwoździak, Jerzy Zwoździak, Maria Skrętowicz - Poland

  62. Indoor/outdoor air multi-element analysis and source characteristics in a school in the centre of a city
    Anna Zwoździak, Izabela Sówka, Alicja Nych, Maria Skrętowicz, Jerzy Zwoździak, Anna De Maeyer- Worobiec, Barbara Krupińska - Poland

  63. CuFe2O4 catalyzed SiC WFF as MW susceptible catalytic trap for Diesel soot abatement
    V. Palma, P. Ciambelli, E. Meloni - Italy

  64. Air Quality Management System for Olomouc City
    Irena Pavlíková, Jitka Pudelová, Petr Jančík, Jan Bitta, Pavel Platoš - Czech Republic

  65. Numerical predictive evaluation of odour dispersion, case study:piggery (livestock farming)
    N. Pettarin, S. Rivilli, R. Snidar - Italy

  66. Comparison of Odour Control Technologies
    Karel Plotěný - Czech Republic

  67. Urban air quality Assessment: high resolution numerical simulation with wrf-les/CAMx
    E. Sá, H. Martins, A. Carvalho, A.I. Miranda, C. Borrego - Portugal

  68. The suitability assessment of ordinary kriging in ArcGIS environment to interpolation of the odour intensity values in the area around the selected industrial plant
    Izabela Sówka, Maria Skrętowicz, Alicja Nych, Paweł Zwoździak, Jerzy Zwoździak - Poland

  69. Concentration fluctuations measured in wind tunnel experiments and the statistical analysis for assessing the nuisance from odour
    Helen Smethurst, Alan Robins - United Kingdom

  70. Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) impactassessment using microsimulation tool e-Academia
    Ondřej Vojáček, Jiřina Jílková, Ladislav Sobotka, Tomáš - Czech Republic

  71. Fixation of anthropogenic carbon dioxide in carbonates
    Jerzy Bałdyga, Katarzyna Sokolnicka - Poland

  72. Biooxidative Filters for Mitigation of Landfill Gases and Odour
    František Straka - Czech Republic

  73. Determinition of the concentration of BTEX and chlorinated hydrocarbons in landfill gas
    Dvořáčková Marie, Přemysl Moučka - Czech Republic

  74. The quality of ambient air in Moravian-Silesian region
    Helena Šebáková, Miroslava Rýparová - Czech Republic

  75. The size distribution measurement of the dust particles by image analysis
    Jitka Škodová - Czech Republic

  76. Analytical and Sensory Determination of Industrial Odorous Exhausts for the Evaluation of Adsorptive Treatment
    Tim Täffner, Mirko Schlegelmilch, Kim Karen Kleeberg, Bernd Niemeyer - Germany

  77. Odours emitted by solid wood
    Daniela Tesařová, Petr Čech, Pavel Kindl - Czech Republic

  78. Inventory of F gases based on company certification
    Peter Tomlein - Slovakia

  79. Development of BTEX air concentrations at selected locations in Zlin, Czech Republic in 2010-2011
    Ujčík Pavel, Dvořáčková Marie, Šilhák Jaroslav - Czech Republic

  80. Methodology and Monitoring of Soil Organic Filters Using Thermovision Methods
    Lukáš Urban, Petr Marada, Jan Mareček - Czech Republic

  81. Introduction to Cluster Analysis for the Classification of Volatile Molecules Produced in Diverse Industries
    Cristiam Vargas, Simone Hubo, Bastian Ebeling, Stephanie Peper and Bernd Niemeyer - Germany

  82. Testing of adsorption materials for CO2 capture from flue gas
    Jana Vávrová, Karel Ciahotný - Czech Republic

  83. Formation and Elomination of Emissions of PCDD/F at combustion of waste plastic materials
    Veselý, Hanika, Lederer, Nečesaný, Kukačka - Czech Republic

  84. The environment of nature Reserves - Is it really clean?
    Anna A. Vinogradova, Yulia A. Ivanova - Russia

  85. AirMonTech
    Ernie Weijers - Niederlands

  86. Turning odour complaints into a valuable resource
    Knut Wiik, Aage Grimsland - Norwey

  87. Modelling of deposition velocities and deposition fluxes of particles for different categories of surfaces in urbanized area
    Miloš Zapletal, Bohumil Kotlík - Czech Republic

  88. Implementation of The Low Carbon Cities Model, a Basis for Substainable City Development Construction
    Jerzy Zwoździak, Łukasz Szałata, Magdalena Fortuna - Poland

  89. Can organic pollutants influence the productivity of plants?
    Štěpán Zezulka, Marie Kummerová, Lucie Váňová - Czech Republic

  90. Particulate matter in the Belgrade area: results of a monitoring excercise for source apportionment
    Alena Bartonova, Norwey, Milena Jovasevic-Stojanovic - Serbia

  91. Climate change and respiratory health – issues and knowledge gaps
    Alena Bartonova - Norwey

  92. Ship emissions impact on urban air quality in the Gulf of Finland - Experiences of Finnish-Russian cooperation
    K. Lovén - Finland, D. Frank-Kamenetsky - Russia

  93. The statement of the Czech Ministry of Envriomnent on the issue of odor emission measurement - discussion
    V. Bureš - Czech Republic

  94. Flexibility in the European Legal Framework on Air Pollution
    M. Bogaart - Netherlands

The Conference is held under the auspices of

Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic