Poster and oral presentation - Conference PETrA Prague 2011


The majority of papers will be presented as posters and thus they are a very important part of the Conference program.
Scope. Try to arrange your poster in such a way to provide a clear comprehensible image of your work at first sight even for those participants who are not conversant in your special field of interest. Give preference to diagrams, pictures and charts. The text should be very concise and accentuate the particular aim of your work, its importance, application, and the key formulas and symbols. Leave details to the discussion with interested people and to the full text.
Form. The size of the poster board is 130 cm (height) by 96 cm (width). The presenters will mark their posters with a heading, containing the title (size of letters 4 cm, at least), and the name(s) of author(s), affiliation, city and country (size of letters 2 cm). Letters under 1 cm are not suitable. Posting only a printout of the full text does not do credit to the sense and purpose of poster session.
Presentation. The presenters will arrange their posters at designated panels before the beginning of the poster session and remove them immediately after the closure of the session. The presenters must attend their posters during the coffee break (according to the conference program).

Authors can install their posters on May 17th from 17:00 or May 18th from 8:00.
Poster section will last 2 days (May 18th, 19th)

Poster list is available here.


Lecture presentations will be allotted 20 minutes including discussion, except for the plenary lectures (40 minutes with discussion). This time includes the introduction of the speaker by the chairperson, the presentation and the discussion. If necessary the chairperson will ask to break off the lecture when the time is past.The presentation should start with a title sheet (title of the presentation, authors and affiliation).Please keep the number of slides limited to avoid overload of the audience.An LDC projector and a PC (Windows XP, Office 2000) will be available in the session room where authors are invited to upload their presentation well in advance, in order to avoid last minute problems.Authors may also use their own laptop computers for their presentation.Overhead projectors will not be available.Authors are also invited to reach the room session 15 minutes before the beginning and to introduce theirselves to the chairperson.

Detailed program is available here.

The Conference is held under the auspices of

Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic